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A revolutionary NFT racing game


Jungle Race is a revolutionary NFT racing game in which the objective is to drive through various race tracks based in a Jungle with various racing modes available. Join our game hub and select your favorite game to play.

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Jungle race is a revolutionary NFT racing game in which the objective is to drive through various race tracks based in a Jungle, race your speedboat through the Amazon, fly your plane over the swamp or even use your minted characters to run around dodging trees and rivers. All our games will be embedded in one centralized game hub.




The game takes place in a 3D multiplayer environment

The game takes place in a 3D multiplayer environment. To play one of our games, you enter our game hub and select the game you want to play.
The player can trade, collect, play with their own driver and vehicle. It can be a kart, plane, or boat, depending on the type of game you want to play. In addition to fun and competition, there are a wide variety of NFTs players can use and real earnings for whomever takes the podium. But don’t worry, even if you don’t make it to the podium, you will also continue to earn tokens for every mile you drive, fly, sail or run through our unique Race-to-Earn concept! The game takes place in a 3D multiplayer environment that is mainly inspired by the famous racing game Mario Kart. We’ve extended this concept to three other game modes as well where you will have the same experience but different difficulties.

Jungle Air Race

The planes will have different strengths and abilities as well. A jet powered plane is fast, but not good in making sharp turns. A stunt plane isn’t fast, but good in going up and down quickly! Mint the right plane and you will have a great success in reaching the podium!

Jungle Race Karts

There are many types of Karts with different attributes and styles, making them unique and rare. Your Kart’s stats and power will depend the power ups that you select before starting the race.

Jungle Race Boats

Can you mint the fastest boat? Or mint the best power ups for your boat? Then only your skills will be in your way of reaching the podium!

Jungle Race Run

Enough with all the engine power? Take your character to the running tracks of Jungle Race. Running seems to be easy, but make sure the crocodiles don’t get you!

Jungle Race Drivers

You also need an excellent driver to compete using your vehicle. And according to the rarity of your Driver, you can further amplify your user’s power and stats, which will make your podium climb even easier. These drivers are just an example of how the drivers might look. The real drivers are in development.

There will be well over 10,000 NFTs available for minting. The vehicles and drivers will be limited, but there will be a lot of power ups that can be minted to have the best strategy for each racetrack.


Vehicle Rental

NFT owners can put their unused assets for rent to generate passive interest, at Jungle Race you’ll be able to rent your Vehicle so other players can enjoy P2E earnings by sharing the profits with you or even renting them out weekly for a fixed price. There are two types of rentals: Traditional Rental (an NFT Owner simply places his Kart on the market for a fixed price) and Share Profit Rental (an NFT Owner sets the % profit split they wish to provide to the Renter).

NFT Marketplace

Jungle Race’s marketplace allows users to sell, buy or even gift their NFTs digital assets. The entire ecosystem is transacted with the native $JRG token. A 4% fee will be charged on marketplace transactions, which will be used for buybacks and improvements.


A PvP mode where players compete against each other on a 3D racing track. The top 3 finishers earn $JRG according to their placement. The maximum number of players in each match is ten and to be able to play the requirement is to have at least 1 NFT Driver and 1 NFT Vehicle. + Time Trial, 1v1 Race, AR/VR Mode, Collision, Special Items, and more to be added in later versions.


Staking and Liquidity Pool farming and NFT Staking will be part of our utilities. Not everyone has time to race, so we want to give the ability to those users to earn a passive income even when they are not playing!

Game Hub

All Jungle Race Games and utilities are centralized in one central UI. The Game Hub gives you the ability to trade your NFTs, enter the NFT rental service, mint your NFTs, view all our project information or enter the game arena to play your favorite Jungle Race Game.

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